Valery Guignon

Fiber Wearables

Born and grew up in N.Y.C. I thrived in northern California for 20 years. Then wanted to know what the middle of the country was like. I’ve lived in the Dallas area for 30 years. It’s just fine here.


I’m a lifetime self-supporting artist. Sold my work nationwide for 43 years. I’ve worked as a crocheter, porcelain artist, steel sculptor, teacher, doll maker, illustrator, jeweler and designer of silk wearable art. And I plan to keep at it! 


Claims to fame: Sold to Cher at a show in Beverly Hills. Smithsonian gallery carried my work for two seasons. One of my Jackets showed up in Newsweek magazine. My mixed media shoe lamps were published in a German magazine as well as in Stuart Weitzman's daughter's book of art shoes.

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