Trudy Maslonka

Mixed Media

Paper. Scissors. A hole punch. And colored thread from my mother’s sewing basket. When I was a young child I used these things to create my very own first art project – miniature folded books. Of course, I colored, drew, and doodled but my miniature books were the first things I ever created solely on my own.


Fast forward to my first job out of college. I worked in an advertising agency in Dallas where I was in charge of production and I produced all kinds of marketing materials. One day I took a color mockup of a brochure to a client. He didn’t like the colors and told me he wanted something in blue, maroon, and grey. When I realized those were the colors of the shirt he was wearing I thought, “Trudy, you spend your days creating what others want and now it’s time to create something just for you.” That’s when I began working in metal and glass. What fun to hammer and cut the metal and fire the glass! Finally, I was creating something just for me! One thing led to another and I had about 100 pair of earrings. Well, a girl can only wear so many at one time so I began selling my jewelry in galleries and art shows and my jewelry is (hopefully!) making people smile all across the US, Spain, Mexico, and Peru!


Fast forward again to a couple years ago when I decided I wanted to paint. In an effort to “loosen” up my art I enrolled in a painting class and studied with Linda Wheat at the Tyler Art School in Tyler, Texas. My first two paintings EVER were 6” x 6”. So what did I do for my third one? I painted a giant rose 36” x 36”. “The Rose” was exhibited at the Tyler Rose Museum in conjunction with the Tyler Rose Festival and after the festival the City of Tyler asked me to exhibit it again at the museum where it was on display for 6 months.


Now I’ve come full circle – paper, scissors, a hole punch, and occasionally colored thread. The main difference now is that my scissors are no longer rounded! It’s been quite a journey. I hope you will join me and come along for the ride.


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