Leslie Ravey

Wood and Leather

I have been an active artist since 1993, when I first stared working with wood.


My love for woodworking was handed down to me by my father. I remember many a day sitting on a stool in his workshop, watching and learning how to handle wood, operating the machinery, and loving the smell and beauty of the wood grains.


In 2001, I decided to be a full-time artist and started hitting the show circuit nationwide. I have been fortunate enough to have received several awards over the years, including Best in Design at the Providence Rhode Island Fine Furnishings Show, Best Craftsmanship at the Southwest School of Arts, Best in Category at the Main Street Art Festival. My latest award was in 2019 at the Ridgeway Rendezvous Arts and Craft Festival where I received Best in Category.


Today I work with many exotic and domestic woods from around the world, and I see in them a beauty and a vision that I must bring to light. In addition, I have expanded and created a leather line of products, including handbags, valets, and wine totes to name a few. I've also begun incorporating leather into my furniture designs.

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