Houston Studio Glass

Dick Moiel and Kathy Poeppel

We have been blowing glass for 25 years.  What began as a retirement project developed through study and perseverance to become Houston’s oldest hot glass studio.  For collectors and lovers of objects, the process and pure alchemy of the molten material was powerfully motivating, with rewards as boundless as the properties of glass.

Working with glass is a joyful process of variety and potential, whether through the challenging exploration of traditional Italian techniques; the reductive, protracted process of carving and cold sculpting; or the spontaneous whimsy of letting glass lead the way.

We are a two person team producing functional and decorative glass objects within a broad range of complexity.  The Basket Series, a contemporary application of traditional techniques which creates the illusion of weaving, is inspired by southeastern Native American double twill basketry patterns.  The carved work emerges as abrasive tools work past a pristine glassy surface to create a new world of contour and texture.

Within our production series, variations on a theme, free hand formed without molds, there are no two results exactly the same.  Functional vessels, paperweights, fun and funky glasses, and blown ornaments round out the showroom offerings.