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My paintings are noted for their highly conceptual nature and attention to realistic detail. My art often focuses on the human condition, the shared experience of life and the connection created between the art, the artist and the viewer. This connection is, for me, the role of the artist and the core of my spirituality.


I paint a variety of subjects – landscapes, still lifes, figures – driven primarily by the statement I wish to make, selecting the subject that best fits the statement.


I often hang descriptions of my work so that viewers can get an idea of what I had in mind when I produced the piece. I find this helps people connect with the work despite any limitations it may invoke.


I work primarily in oils and use photographs as the basis of my work. Some are simple landscape shots taken during my travels, some are highly staged still lifes taken under carefully controlled conditions. For the figure work I use professional models, often employing colored lighting to highlight a desired mood. I often manipulate the photographs in Photoshop before starting to work and have found that digital photography has helped improve my realism.


I was born and raised in New York City and have been a resident of the Houston area for over 30 years. With little formal training in art - I hold a doctorate in engineering - I have been pursuing my work seriously since my first outdoor show in 1989 at the then-called Westheimer Art Festival.


I have had numerous gallery shows in the Houston area and received awards in many juried exhibitions.


I joined Archway Gallery, the oldest artist-owned gallery in Texas, in 1993. I served as Director for several years and am currently the Treasurer.

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