Patricia Day

Woven Wearables

It can happen, a craft attaching itself to a person. It happened to me. A gift of a weaving course, and a semester jewelry class, and fiber took root.


Decades in, the journey is more than I can finish exploring. There are 4 elements I use to focus attention on my wearable weavings: Color, Weave Structure, Sett, Texture.


Color is personal to everyone. Skin tone, eyes and hair color guide my palette choices, with my goal of the woven piece to shimmer on the right person.


Structure in weaving is read like music, and at the base is mathematical. Always a puzzle, still the starting place.


Sett is the density of the yarns on the loom. This determines the drape of the woven fabric, often not seen until woven, washed, possibly ironed.


Texture is defined by the spin of the yarn. Yarn texture is a powerful voice, and when used thoughtfully it plays well with other yarns.


Interpreting what I see and how I feel influences my designs. Nature has always been an important inspiration. Some aspect of nature has contributed to almost every woven fabric. Often, curiosity of a weave structure will lead to a new project. There’s a thirst to keep building this vocabulary. It’s fun and challenging.


This path I’ve felt chose me has made me a craftsman/artist; but not always at the same time. I am extremely blessed to have been on this weaving path. I’ve grown while collaborating, commiserating, and celebrating with both other artists and collectors. I have respect for our kind. Hope to see you on this weaving trail.

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